About Behrmann Law

Behrmann Law is a family law office focusing on
estate planning, wills, power of attorney, medical directives,
trust, adoption, custody, and divorce. 

Behrmann Law’s Mission 

Lead attorney Heather Pedersen wants to provide her community with the best possible family law help. There’s so much uncertainty in our everyday lives, but planning for the future, setting goals for your family, and feeling ready for whatever life throws your way can make a huge difference. Heather’s goal is to create a space where her community feels listen to and advocated for in their family law endeavors.

Behrmann Law’s Story

Since opening her other law firm in 2008, Heather Pedersen decided to open up a family law practice in Roan Mountain earlier this year to provide experienced and knowledgeable legal services to her community. 

Meet Heather Pedersen

Heather Pedersen is a seasoned legal professional with a deep-rooted connection to the local community and an extensive background in the legal field. As a local resident, Heather has a unique understanding of the area's values and priorities, which she combines with her decades of legal experience to offer exceptional services through her practice, Pedersen Law.

With an unwavering commitment to her clients and the community, Heather has established herself as a trusted advocate for individuals and families. Her involvement in various community initiatives showcases her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the courtroom. Heather's firm belief in the family-oriented principles of the Tennessee code resonates with the region's focus on children, reflected in the high number of adoptions resulting from unfortunate cases of abuse and neglect.

As a proud parent with children enrolled in local schools, Heather and her husband are actively involved in the community, embodying the principles of family, faith, and quality time that she holds dear. Heather Pedersen's legal expertise, community involvement, and unwavering commitment to her clients make her an invaluable asset to the local community she serves.


What our past and current clients are saying about our practice. 

Adam L.

Former Client
Heather and her team were attentive to my family needs. Heather’s law knowledge, timely communication, passion, and understanding of the situation is why I highly recommend using Heather for any litigation needs you might have. I am very appreciative of Heather and her team.

Courtney C.

Former Client
I hired Heather as my attorney on a couple of different situations. She is very firm and definitely stands by her clients. She put me at ease every single time and the outcome always ended in my favor. The office staff are also amazing and friendly. I would never hire anyone other than Heather for any other future cases. She is amazing and personable.

Melissa C.

Former Client
Heather is an outstanding attorney who has expertly navigated my divorce case. She is thorough, articulate, and has a great deal of compassion. She has understood every aspect of my case and has been extremely responsive to my concerns. She has had my best interests at heart while offering strategic guidance through a very challenging season. I am honored to have her on my side.

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