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Should You Hire An Adoption Attorney in Roan Mountain, TN?

Adoption is not easy and can involve complex legal process, paperwork, and court appearances that can be overwhelming without the right guidance. Attorney Heather Pedersen is well-versed in Tennessee’s adoption laws and regulations, and can help you navigate through potential challenges such as: 

  • Birth parent rights
  • Step-parent or close relative adoptions
  • Agency placement adoptions

What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Adoption Attorney?

The benefits of enlisting an adoption attorney extend beyond just legal expertise. Attorney Pedersen can offer emotional support and guidance throughout the adoption journey, helping you make well-informed decisions during an emotionally charged process. 

Attorney Pedersen will work closely with adoption agencies, birth parents, and adoptive families to ensure clear communication and smooth coordination. She can help negotiate adoption agreements, review adoption-related documents, and represent you in court if necessary. Her dedication to your best interests and the best interests of the child helps facilitate a successful and legally sound adoption process.

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Embarking on an adoption journey is a meaningful and transformative experience, and having Behrmann Law by your side can ensure a smooth and successful process. Contact our office to receive legal guidance, emotional support, and the assurance that your adoption journey will be handled with care and professionalism. Your path to creating or expanding your family through adoption starts with a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney.


  • Can birth parents choose the adoptive parents in Tennessee? Yes, sometimes birth parents can have a say in choose the adoptive parents. It’s called an open adoption, and is relatively common. Heather can help you make the decision that is best for you and your family. 
  • How long does the adoption process usually take in Tennessee? The time it takes for adoption in Tennessee can vary. It depends on things like the type of adoption, the agency, and how quickly legal procedures are completed. 
  • What costs are involved in adopting a child in Tennessee? Adoption costs can include fees for the adoption agency, legal fees, and sometimes medical expenses. Financial assistance and adoption tax credits might be available to help with costs. 


What our past and current clients are saying about our practice. 

Adam L.

Former Client
Heather and her team were attentive to my family needs. Heather’s law knowledge, timely communication, passion, and understanding of the situation is why I highly recommend using Heather for any litigation needs you might have. I am very appreciative of Heather and her team.

Courtney C.

Former Client
I hired Heather as my attorney on a couple of different situations. She is very firm and definitely stands by her clients. She put me at ease every single time and the outcome always ended in my favor. The office staff are also amazing and friendly. I would never hire anyone other than Heather for any other future cases. She is amazing and personable.

Melissa C.

Former Client
Heather is an outstanding attorney who has expertly navigated my divorce case. She is thorough, articulate, and has a great deal of compassion. She has understood every aspect of my case and has been extremely responsive to my concerns. She has had my best interests at heart while offering strategic guidance through a very challenging season. I am honored to have her on my side.

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